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Data Protection
The BAY Centre will store your personal data (name & contact details) entered into this form and use it to communicate with you to administer all aspects of your booking. The lawful basis for this processing is 'Contract'. Contact data will be deleted 15 months after the date of the last booking. Data in Contractual and Financial documents will be kept for 7 years, the lawful basis for this is 'Legal Obligation'. You have the right to view and change your personal data. You have the right to lodge a complaint with the ICO if you think the BAY Centre isn't processing your data fairly.  For further Data Protection details and your rights, please see our Privacy Policy on our website at .
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Start and end time of booking
If this is a repeated event, please specify when the event will be repeated, e.g. Bungee jumping class every Thursday at 7pm-9pm.

Rooms to be booked *
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Main hall (£8 per hour  - includes kitchen & café [min £24 for a party])
Training room (£5 per hour - includes shared kitchenette)
Resource room (£5 per hour - includes share kitchenette)
Training suite (£7 per hour - includes Training room, Resource room and kitchenette)

Purpose for booking hall or room
We need this information to check our Public Licenses.

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Invoice details (if applicable)

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Terms and Conditions
Please tick the box to accept the Terms and Conditions. The HIRER agrees to observe the Terms and Conditions of Hire and to comply with all aspects of Health & Safety Legislation. The person named as the Hirer will be deemed to be the person responsible for ensuring compliance with the Hiring conditions set.
I understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions set out by the BAY Centre Committee.

Go ahead with the booking?
Please click on the box if your wish to go ahead with the booking if the slot is available (You will receive a confirmation from the booking clerk).
I wish to go ahead with the booking if date & time are available.

This agreement is made between the BAY Management Committee and the Hirer, who is the person authorised to act for the group/organisation hiring the facilities at the BAY Centre. After the booking has been confirmed by the BAY booking clerk, the details on this booking form will be treated as a contract to the conditions stated hereon.

The Committee agrees to permit the hirer (group/organisation) to use the premises on the date, for the purpose stated, and for the period of time described in this form .


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