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Who do we share personal data with?

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This Policy explains, in more detail, who the BAY Centre share personal Data with.

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Who do we share Personal Data with?

We occasionally, and with consent, use personal data in preparing publicity articles that are then sent to news media outlets for publication.

We also use 3rd parties to 'host' our websites, speed up our website loading times and to provide online storage. This means that personal data entered into our online forms will travel through the computers belonging to Cloudflare and TSOHost before being deposited into our Google storage. The data is encrypted before transmission and encrypted whilst in our online storage.

We use the following third parties to process our personal data -

TSOhost (operating as Paragon Internet Group Ltd t/a Tsohost), who host our charity website for free. (Click here to view their privacy policy)

Cloudflare, who provide our website caching (it speeds up the website loading). We have signed a Data Processing Addendum with Cloudflare that complies with new EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016. 
(Click here to view their privacy policy)
Google, who store our personal data in their business online storage known as 'G Suite'. We have opted-in to a Google Data Processing Amendment (DPA) that becomes effective on the 25th May 2018. This DPA makes the agreement between us and Google comply with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016. (Click here to view their privacy policy)

Lloyds bank, who store and process our Employees bank account details. (Click here to view their Privacy policy)

Police (or an official body with an equal standing) who may wish to view CCTV recordings to help in the detection of a crime.

Cookies, the 3rd party companies will also collect data about your computing device and online connections through the use of 'cookies'.  They use this data to, amongst other things, manage server traffic demand, check that your device is 'trusted', etc..

3rd party new media outlets (Click here to view details).

ICO  (Information Commissioner’s Office), who are the UK's independent body set up to uphold personal information rights. We are legally obliged to maintain records of all our access and control request and to make our records available to them when requested.

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Change Log

April 2018
Document initially published. The policy is one of a series of policy documents that replace all previous policy documents that existed in a variety of different formats, some electronic, some paper and some verbal.

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