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(Where the words 'BAY Centre', 'us' or 'we' are used it will mean the registered charity known as the 'Burnham Area Youth Centre', registration number 304500.)


Personal Data that we collect

What is the Data used for?

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This Policy explains, in detail, what personal data the BAY Centre collects and what we use that data for.

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Personal Data that we collect

The BAY Centre collects personal data from Hirers, Vendors, Donors, Grantors, Employees and Volunteers

We collect data from Hirers when they use our online booking form to book a room. We collect their name and one or more pieces of contact data, either an email address, a phone number or a postal address. We can collect the same data if the booking is made by email, phone or verbally.

We collect data from Vendors when we employ their services. This data is usually collected from their website, emails, phone calls or verbally.

We collect data from Employees when they fill in an Employee registration document. We will also collect an Employee’s bank details if they wish to be paid directly into their bank.

We collect data from Donors only if they supply us with data either from an email, a phone call, a letter or in person.

We collect data from Grantors from their website or by emails, phone, post or verbally.

We collect data from Volunteers when they fill in a Volunteer Registration form.

We also collect images from a CCTV cameras located in the hallway, and exteriors.

We may also collect an image and name from individuals when taking publicity photos.

We collect data from all our data protection forms available on our website plus any data protection access and control requests made by email or text.

Data that is collected via our online forms are encrypted by our website, , which uses HTTPS (a secure, encrypted internet transmission protocol) and securely transmitted to our website caching host (Cloudflare), then onto our website host (TSOHost), then automatically transferred to our Google online storage.

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What is the Data used for?

The data is used by us for the following processes -

storing the data.

The BAY Centre uses a business form of Google drive (known as G Suite) to store data. Google encrypt all data on their password protected, online storage.
Click here to see further details about Google G Suite and the EU Data Protection Regulation.

We store emails and phone numbers in our G Suite Gmail contact lists.

We also store data in backups that are held on a separate server and are encrypted and password protected.


we will communicate with Hirers about all aspects of their booking
we will communicate with Vendors about all aspects of their contract
we will communicate with Employees about all aspects of their employment
we will communicate with Volunteers about all aspects of their volunteering.
we will communicate with Donors about all aspects of a their donation.
we will communicate with Grantors about all aspects of a their grant.

Data Protection

We are required by the EU Data Protection Regulation & UK Data Protection Act to keep documentation from all data access and control requests. This will include personal data like your name, your email or postal address and maybe other data that we need to ascertain your identity as is required by the Regulation.


We may, with consent, use an individual’s photo or name to prepare and publish a publicity article on the BAY Centre’s websites, and Facebook.

We may, with consent, pass a publicity article containing an individual’s photo or name to 3rd party news outlets.

We will, with consent, publish a Hirer’s personal contact data on the BAY Centre website.

We will, with consent, record the BAY Centre committee members names in the BAY Centre’s documents produced in the administration and running of the centre e.g Committee minutes.

We will, with consent, use an Employee's Bank details to pay wages directly into an Employee's account.

We will, with consent, publish a Donor's or Grantor's phot and/or name in a publicity article to be published on our websites, www, & Facebook.

We will, with consent, contact a Donor or Grantor about their gift to keep them informed as to its use.

We may use CCTV recordings for the prevention and detection of crime.

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Change Log

April 2018
Document initially published. The policy is one of a series of policy documents that replace all previous policy documents that existed in a variety of different formats, some electronic, some paper and some verbal.

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